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Continental US Buyers

Shipping for U.S. orders will cost $7 and is shipped USPS Priority small flat rate box. This cost maybe increased if all items ordered will not fit. It takes a few models before this even remotely becomes an issue.

Larger Orders
For large orders it may cost more to ship it. In this case, I'll pack it and take it to the post office to get a more accurate cost. I try to use the flat rate boxes as much as possiable. Once the processing is complete, I will send you an invoice for the cost of shipping the item(s). Once the invoice is paid, the items will then be shipped.


I'll have to add in an 8.25% sales tax on your order.


International Buyers

International buyer’s orders will be processed and taken to the post office for shipping cost. Once the price is known, an invoice will be sent with the cost of shipping. The order will ship upon payment of the invoice.





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