About Conflict Horizon.

About Us
Conflict Horizon is fast paced game of miniature armored combat.



Conflict Horizon is a galaxy of political intrigue and deception. Mankind has finally reached the stars and war followed. Men has altered and shaped worlds in the image of the earth.


The Collective, a harsh and fascist power, has taken the reins of the fractured and tattered Earth Colonial Alliance after the revolution of some of the larger colonies that had formed their own Solar States. During this time, people of the ECA started to break away from the government itself, leaving an empty chair for anyone that could show power and an excuse to use it. A political group known as the Earth’s Collective Union Party spewed propaganda against the Colonies claiming it was their fault that earth was on the decline. The Collective staged an elaborate coup d’etat, executing many of the high ranking ECA officials. Within six hours, the Circle was changed forever.


Many colonies fight for freedom or prestige, some battle for control of the black markets and gambling. Frontiers colonies are in a war for constant survival, as corporations, pirates, raiders, and mercenaries all try to eke out a living. Other systems keep their head down or are friendly to the new dictatorship that is the Collective. The bigger question is… which side are you on?



How it all started

Conflict Horizon was started by me, a guy named Dallas Walker. I started this game because of my love for miniature gaming as well as my love for mecha, tanks, starships and my even greater love of sci-fi. I have loved mecha since I was a young child and II could never stop drawing them, painting them, playing with them and watching them. I've always wanted to leave a good mark in the mecha world and wanted people to love most of the designs and hate very few. Let’s face it, mecha look cool.

So I set myself to the task of making a miniature game, by combining all the things I loved about the genre. I hope that it mystifies and breaks expectations, not only for the fans, but for myself.




We at Conflict Horizon, plan to bring you some of the coolest miniatures in the world to your table-top eperience. We also plan to bring you one of the most fun and exciting miniature gaming systems.